Musical Director Roles and Responsibilities

Main Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Take a lead role in leading and providing music at our weekly Sunday services (currently 9.30 am and 11.30 am) and at such other services as the Kirk Session may require, including Easter and Christmas. You will not be obliged to play on weekdays at times which interfere with any main weekday employment.


  1. Work closely with the Minister to discuss weekly worship requirements and to develop the use of music and musical gifts within the life of the congregation by means, for example, of maintaining the Praise Orchestra and also by increasing the sung repertoire of the congregation.


  1. Liaise with the Choir Leader to fit together all the component parts of sung and instrumental music within the service.


  1. The fee arrangements for weddings and funerals are as follows.  The fee is currently £80 for weddings and £65 for funerals, payable by the wedding couple/the family of the deceased as appropriate and shall be reviewed annually. You will also be entitled to charge an additional fee of 50% in respect of wedding services recorded by audio and 100% in respect of wedding services recorded by audio/visual means. This fee does not apply to our regular services specified in paragraph (1) and shall also be reviewed annually. You may waive your right to play at such services and shall not then be entitled to this fee.


  1. You will carry out such additional duties as may reasonably be requested from time to time, particularly at Christmas and Easter.


  1. The organ is available for your personal use, and also for the use of a recognised assistant or deputy.


  1. A budget is available for the purchase of music and other necessary items.