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For the last two years we have run DNA groups, and many people taking part enjoyed it so much that we’re going to do it again. DNA is the essential components of church: Discipleship (prayer and Gospel reading), Nurture (caring for each other), and Action (mission or service in our community).


Our DNA groups are maximum 3 people who commit to meeting for just 45 minutes, every week for 6 weeks. They share news over coffee, read a bit of the Bible together , pray, and commit to support a project for mission or service. There are no leaders and no experts – anyone can do DNA, with anyone. Last time over 60 people took part, none of whom had done it before and some who rarely come to church. We found that we got to know each other in a deeper way than we had before, grew our faith, and got involved in some unexpected practical projects!
Our new DNA groups will start in early 2024 and will meet weekly for 6 weeks
.  Why don't you grab 2 friends and let us know – or if you prefer, you can sign up just yourself and we’ll create some groups. Either way, Margaret Ross:  - would love to hear from you!

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