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Worship in January and February

Worship Arrangements  from 01 January 2022

In view of rising utility costs and to make the best stewardship of our resources, the Kirk Session has decided that Sunday morning services in January and February will take place in the Church Centre instead of in the sanctuary.   While we will all miss being in our beautiful church for a few weeks, this offers us a cosier space and the opportunity to enjoy worship in a slightly different way. So, a few question you might be asking:

When does it start?
1st January – New Year’s Day – time for a fresh approach (though some of you will remember that this has been done before successfully in the past).

Will the service time change?
No – services as usual at 10.30am. The prayer group will also still meet in the Board room at 9.30 and the choir and Praise Orchestra will rehearse at the usual times.

Will we still get our coffee after the service?

Yes – couldn’t change that! Teas will be served as usual and there will be a few tables in the old hall particularly for those who don’t enjoy balancing a cup on their lap. People can also take coffee back to their seats if they prefer.

Will we still be able to live stream?
No, but we are looking at the possibility of recording the service and posting it on Youtube afterwards. Very few people actually follow the live stream as it’s happening, but we have around 70 views after that – which probably means over 100 people. So we’re working hard not to disappoint our online congregation.

What about all the moving chairs and stuff?
We’ll need some help with that. Billy Small is co-ordinating a team and would love to hear from any volunteers.

Where will the children and youth go?
They’ll be in the Garden room and Board room respectively, as usual.

Will we still have the choir and Praise Orchestra?
Yes, of course!!

What about Communion after church on the last Sundays of the month?
We will still do a short Communion on these Sundays. Probably it will be incorporated at the end of the service, but details are still being worked out.

If you have any other questions, please ask! We hope this will be a valuable addition to the way we worship, and look forward to seeing you all.


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