Messy Church
is back!!!

Hallowe'en Messy Church!!!! 

Sunday 31 October sees the return of APC Messy Church! No dressing up required but lots of pumpkin based Halloween fun - games, crafts, stories and songs as usual. I hope we’ll see you there from 3:30 until 5pm. Children should be accompanied by an adult and adult masks are required - NOT Halloween ones!!!  A light ‘soup and pudding’ snack will be served for everyone, too!


Bring a pumpkin if you can but no hollowing out necessary as we are just going to decorate them on the outside.  However if you want to bring a pumpkin already carved you are welcome, but it should be with a happy smile, a heart or a funny face – we are focussing on Jesus being the light and scaring away the darkness, so no scary faces for us!!! We will place the lit pumpkins on the church steps and wall on Sunday evening lit up for the town to see!


If you are hoping to come please let me know if you can via this email address  and make sure you tell all your friends!   If you don’t manage to let me know don’t worry – come along anyway – you will be welcome!!

Sandra and the Messy Church Team