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Craft Group

Craft group - next meeting Tuesday 4th October at 10.30
Our group met and have decided on some interesting projects;
Using prayer squares, which we already have, Knit blankets for those who need them, Possibly make a Christmas gift for the care home residents, Start a Prayer Shawl Ministry for the churches. Prayer shawls are knitted with prayer, dedicated in Church and then given to those who are ill, bereaved, in need of care, at times of great joy, and at many other times. It is a tangible sign of God’s love which wraps around the person. The Guild are having a speaker to tell us more about this ministry so do come along and learn more on Thursday 20th October at 7.30. Gifts of wool would be greatly appreciated. Our next meeting craft group is on Tuesday 4th October at 10.30 in the board room.

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