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Street Pastors
Caring, Listening, Helping

We would like to see Street Pastors established in Auchterarder during the school lunch break. Street Pastors are trained volunteers who give an hour of their week to wander up and down the High Street chatting to young people. There is no agenda with street pastoring, it's ordinary people engaging with young people through non-judgemental friendship. Listening, caring and helping our secondary school community.
• Are you available over lunchtime? Just one lunchtime a week or even just one a month?
• Do you have a heart for young people?
• Do you have a big smile?
• Do you have a 12 month connection with a church?
We are hoping to start Street Pastors in Auchterarder in September but we need a good number of volunteers to get us started. Initially, we will  commit to one lunchtime a week but would hope to grow to two or maybe three depending on the number of volunteers who get involved. We will set-up a rota, you can choose to volunteer every week or just once a month.
There will be a minimum of 2 street pastors at one time but 4 on each session would be preferred. All volunteers will receive training from the charity Street Pastors and will be given a uniform so they are recognisable. Training is likely to be arranged for August/early September.
Volunteers must be 18+ with no upper limit. Gordon Loudon,  the Perth Street Pastor lead says, 'Some of our best street (school) pastors are in their 80's'. Volunteers must have a 12-month connection with a church. No financial support is needed but if folks want to buy their uniform or make a donation towards it they can. 
Please prayerfully consider if this is for you.
Speak to Michelle or email to chat it over, or sign up for the training.

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