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Holiday Club 2023





What is a Church Holiday Club?
A Holiday Club is an exciting week full of games, crafts, challenges, songs, drama and more based on the Bible, for children in Primary school

Our Holiday Club uses teaching material from Scripture Union, a Christian organisation specialising in working with children and young people.  Their Values and Vision below are ones that we share
We care. We care deeply for all children and young people.
We share. We share God's good news.
We empower. We offer choices and opportunities. 
Our vision: A new generation of children and young people who have a vibrant, personal faith in Jesus
Our mission:
To create opportunities for children and young people to explore Christian faith in a fun way appropriate to their age.  




Monday 07 - Friday 11 August 2023


General Information on  'Restoration Station'  - the Scripture Union programme for this year

Well, we’ve been and gone and done it! And what a success it was! We had 31 children register and an average attendance of 25/26 each day.  And there was an amazing team of leaders who gave of their time and talents, not only over the week but in all the dedicated preparation time beforehand.  We are very thankful for that, too. 

We had great fun learning about 5 people who needed ’restored’ in some shape or form: sometimes physical restoration but sometimes ‘in their heart’, as one little girl said, very astutely, it must be said!   We had singing, teaching, team chants, theme-based crafts, aerobics, quizzes, games, drama and, of course, not forgetting the messy challenge each day! 

We finished off the week by encouraging the children to come to church – which a good few did - and Lesley, with the help of the kids, told the congregation what ‘Restoration Station’ had been about.  We even taught the adults a couple of our songs!  And then it was all rounded off with a great BBQ, thanks to Michelle and her band of helpers.  

Here's a link to a video that captures some of the week.  Restoration Station




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