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Holiday Club 2023





What is a Church Holiday Club?
A Holiday Club is an exciting week full of games, crafts, challenges, songs, drama and more based on the Bible, for children in Primary school

Our Holiday Club uses teaching material from Scripture Union, a Christian organisation specialising in working with children and young people.  Their Values and Vision below are ones that we share
We care. We care deeply for all children and young people.
We share. We share God's good news.
We empower. We offer choices and opportunities. 
Our vision: A new generation of children and young people who have a vibrant, personal faith in Jesus
Our mission:
To create opportunities for children and young people to explore Christian faith in a fun way appropriate to their age.  





General Information on  'Restoration Station'  - the Scipture Union programme for this year
The holiday club invites children to explore who Jesus is.  Each day unpacks a new miracle, healing or restoration told through the stories of Jesus in John's gospel, helping the children to see who Jesus is, the difference he makes in the lives of the people he meets and what that might mean for the children themselves.  There are five days or 'workshops'
that include, singing, teaching, crafts, snack, games and exercise!  We are just beginning our planning for the week and getting a team of helpers together for our initial meeting.   There are lots of different roles to be filled - snack server, games leaders, crafts people, teachers, leaders, musicians etc.  One of these might be for you!  Let Lynn or Sandra know if you are interested - it's not too late!


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