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Pastoral Care Group

                                                           The pastoral care group is a small team of dedicated members whose                                                                      aim  is to  assist and support the Ministers and Elders through regular                                                                      prayer and visitation of the elderly, hospitalised and confined members                                                                of the congregation. They are committed to sharing the love of Christ                                                                    through their care, compassion and concern for others.

Pastoral care is for everybody, including children and families, people with mental health issues, such as depression or dementia, bereavement, or those suffering from loneliness or isolation.  

The group meets every two to three months to maintain contact and receive reports and updates.

Training sessions are given to all members of the team, who are also encouraged to attend national church conferences and meetings.

During Covid 19 restrictions pastoral support has continued through telephone conversations.


For further information please contact

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