Confused about the Bible? Feel you know some things but there are big gaps? Lots of people feel the Bible is like a jigsaw where they have a lot of pieces but don’t have a frame or a picture to fit them into.


The Bible Series takes the 7 big chunks of the Bible and shows how they fit together to tell God’s big story. Over 7 weeks we’ll look at one part at a time, in Sunday sermons and in our children’s and youth groups. Each week there will also be discussion groups – on Zoom and in person – where we can share our thoughts, questions and confusions – everybody has things to learn!


The Bible Series starts in APC on 10th October. Every Wednesday after that for 7 weeks there will be discussion groups on Zoom, and every Sunday we will have a group meeting in person after the morning service about 11.15am. If you’d like to join either of these, please contact Margaret Ross If neither of these times suits you, please let Margaret know – we will happily arrange another group if we can.   


Have a look at the website for more information - click on the link below: The Bible Series: Experience a better story - Bible Society


We look forward to seeing you!

Worship and Discipleship Team 

The Bible Series