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Here are some of our photos from Sunday's fun!

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We met on Sunday afternoon for our February Messy Church and had a brilliant time. The theme was based around the story of Adam and his job of looking after God's wonderful creation and how he messed it up! We then looked at how we are continuing to mess up the planet and all our activities were based on that theme. We made perishable plant pots from old newspapers and planted seeds to grow; made junk models from recycled material that we could recycle again when we were finished with them; made fridge magnets to remind us to put things in the recycle bins and other activities around caring for God's world. To finish we heard a great song from Fischy Music all about looking after God's world. Here is a link to the video.

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Church Timetable:

Monday: 10am-3pm including

Archway 1pm – 3pm

Tuesday: 2-4pm Men’s Shed

Thursday:2-4pm Men’s Shed

All Cosy Spaces are free and warm packs are available.

Town bus avail

able Mon; Tues; Wed & Fri.

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