Check our the link below to see the programme of walks planned. The next coming up is on 26 March. This walk will be a 5 mile loop from APC via Cloan – details to follow on our next post**
APCWG Dates for 2022
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On Fridays we are focussing on growing our evening groups, so we have re-branded to give the group a good name and logo. FNYC Friday Night Youth Club. We are delighted to have received a table tennis table and aim to create a space and event for young people where they can enjoy their Friday nights in a space that is purposefully for them. Andrew Kennedy

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Nobody ever notices our sound and projection during services (unless something goes wrong) but our faithful SAV team is absolutely essential – you could do without a minister, but not without a microphone! Three of our small and faithful team (currently 6 people) will have to step down in the near future. That leaves a serious gap and an urgent need for more volunteers. Can you help? No previous experience needed as training will be given, and the team always work in pairs. If you’re interested, get in touch with the minister.

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