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Sanctuary Course reminder!

Sanctuary Course is an 8-week exploration of Christian teaching and thinking on mental health. It’s designed to make our church a welcoming place for the many people (old and young) who experience mental health difficulties either often or from time to time.

The first 4 weeks have been very successful and we now have the dates for the second half of the course - sessions 5-8:

Wed 11th and Thur 12th January

Wed 18th and Thur 19 January

Wed 25th and Thur 26th January

Wed 1st and Thur 2nd February

Both goups will now meet in the Centre. For more information, please click the link to the website and promotional video: or contact the minister or and we will get in touch with you!

The Coursebook reading for week 5 (if you have time ) link is here It is really helpful if you can look at the discussion guide, the link which is here :

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