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Easter 2024 @Auchterarder Parish Church

As you can see we have a busy programme of Easter events leading up to  Easter Day.

We hope you will attend some, if not all, of them so that we can celebrate the events of Holy Week together.

The Riding Lights Theatre Company's play, 'The People's Passion' , is a new venture for APC and we hope for a good audience to support the organisers and participants. 


Rooted in long, Christian tradition, a passion play enacts the events of the last week of Jesus’ life, engaging all of the audience as the crowd.


Place yourself there as you shout, listen, jeer, cheer and are drawn in as an active witness to the events of Holy Week. Suitable for all ages, this special event awakens all our senses to respond to the Easter story. Coming for the first time to Aucherarder – come and feel the passion!

It will last from 6-7 pm to allow those who wish to attend the Stations of the Cross at 7.00 pm at Our Lady's Church.

The Easter Story, written and arranged by Stephen and Sandra Miller on lyrics written by Ernie Dick, has been performed in APC before, but this is the first time since COVID that the extended Easter Story Choir has been able to present it.   Please give this your support. 

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