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Messy Church @ APC

The aims of Messy Church  are as follows: 
  • to provide an opportunity for people of  all ages to worship together
  • to help people of all ages feel they belong to the church and to each other
  • to help people have fun together
  • to give people a chance to express their God-given creativity
  • to invite people in to experience a Chrstian community
  • to introduce people to Jesus through  hospitality, friendship, stories and worship

At APC historically we have met  every 2 or 3 months and our themes have been  either based around a Christian festival like Christmas or Easter, or around a Biblical character or story.  Post-Covid, we are meeting more regularly  on the first Sunday of each month - excluding July and August -  and building up our Messy Church family.   Keep a look out for any new information!!!
People of all ages are welcome - to attend or to help - and the aim is to be as inclusive as possible.  Children should come along accompanied by a parent or carer.  This makes Messy Church a unique type of event, a family event, where parents -  and any other adults, family members or not - participate and not just drop their children off!
We meet  in the afternoon from 3.30 until 5.00 pm .  Our programme starts in the church with some singing, usually a warm-up , a theme-setting activity and then our story for the day. After that we go into the Centre and choose what crafts, games or activities to do until we go back into to church to do more fun singing - usually very loudly! -  and bring the worship to a close.  We always finish with a light fellowship meal for everyone involved - usually one of my favourite bits!
Messy Church dates until June 2024
All events are on Sundays from  3:30-5:00 pm unless noted!
03 September
01 October: Treasure Hunt
05 November
03 December: Christingle Messy Church and Carols afterwards
07 January: Film Afternoon: 4:00pm snacks only
04 February
03 March
07 April: possible Spring Farm visit TBC
05 May
02 June: Messy  Picnic
November Messy Church :'Peace'


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