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God of wonder,

Clothed with Joy-filled hope

Look upon us with favour today

Pardon our dull reactions

And shabby clothes

How slow we are to marvel at your work

How quickly we respond to negative thoughts

We tell ourselves good things can’t happen

We say miracles are only for non believers

We let the expectation of faith drain away

And only too soon we find ourselves dried up

Wearied by life and overwhelmed by the task.


Bend down and refresh our tired thoughts

Turn our eyes to see the beauty that surrounds us

We long for a fresh encounter of Your Spirit

Re-clothe us once more

Bring our smile back

With a glimpse of your personality

Let us see your laughing eyes

Your whimsical smile

And hear your call to action

“Come follow me,”

as you add the phrase —

“forget about fishing this time

you need to learn to network’”.

by Albert Bogle

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1 Comment

Louisa young
Louisa young
Apr 10, 2023

Oh that prayer has lifted me up from nowhere/somewhere to blessing the arrival of family to lighten my day farther. Thank you - yesterday’s Easter service was a telling through younger eyes and ears than mine but just as powerful ……… faith and love do survive. Louie Young

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